Set in the 1990’s, Julie Davenport, a beautiful and talented cellist with the prestigious St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, conducts herself with grace and confidence—on stage. Off-stage, however, she is shy, naïve, and socially awkward. Following an extended leave of absence from the symphony to mourn the death of her husband of only four months, this quiet, unassuming musician returns to the beautiful Powell Hall in her first attempt to put her life back together. As she drives home from rehearsal, Julie is shocked to discover a strange car following her. She manages to lose her pursuer, but once she is safely home, she begins to receive threatening phone calls.

A man claiming to be a detective shows up at her door, questioning her about her late husband, his business and the plane accident that took his life. Julie is alarmed when she realizes that she cannot answer his questions and embarks on her own search for the truth. However, the deeper she digs, the further she ventures into danger, and her quiet life of beautiful music turns Unharmonious.

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