In 1865, after the Civil War, Mansford Mansion, one of the finest homes in St. Louis’ wealthiest neighborhood becomes the scene of a grisly murder. As the years pass, the home, like the neighborhood, falls into disrepair, and when creepy, unexplained events occur every fifty years, the house gains a reputation of being haunted.

Fast-forward to modern day St. Louis, where Mansford Mansion has been converted to a murder mystery dinner theater. At the one hundred fifty-year mark, almost-eleven-year-old Amy Trent is begging her father, Homicide Detective Adam Trent, to celebrate her birthday at the mansion. His wife, Jenna, assures him that one night won’t scar their only child for life, so Adam reluctantly grants the birthday request. At the end of the evening, when the house lights come up, one of the fellow patrons is dead. Adam suspects murder.

As Adam begins his investigation, he learns that a heinous criminal he and his team captured, Dr. Lionel Cranston, has obtained a change of judge and is now out on bail. The evil Dr. Cranston has vowed revenge on Adam, his team, and their families, and Adam cannot understand how any judge could have allowed Cranston to be free until his trial, ankle bracelet notwithstanding. Can Adam protect his family while unraveling the schemes behind the murder at the run-down house? Is Mansford Mansion really haunted? Only the reader can decide.

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