General Information

Laine Boyd’s readers can always count on her page-turning mysteries to:

  • Be clean, meaning the story stands alone without the use of foul language or offensive scenes.
  • Be set in St. Louis. (The He’ll Find You series begins in Romania but ends up in St. Louis).
  • Have somebody somewhere use the phrase, “Nobody moves to St. Louis for the weather.”
  • Reflect her love for animals. The pets in her books are characters and play a role in their families. Sub-themes woven throughout promote spay and neuter, shelter/rescue adoptions, and celebrate the special bond pets have with their people.
  • Be well-researched and in the United States Library of Congress.
  • Be available on Kindle, with the exception of Way Beyond the Blue.
  • Have sold in five continents and thirteen countries.
  • Have the core characters continue throughout the books. If readers read the mysteries in the order they were written, they will enjoy a story within a story, as the characters grow and change, and their lives are intertwined.

While only the He’ll Find You series needs to be read in order (’Til Death Do Us Part, followed by Final Justice), the books are even more exciting when they are read in order:


Dinner and a Murder

He’ll Find You: ’Til Death Do Us Part (Book 1)

He’ll Find You: Final Justice

Way Beyond the Blue; the Memoirs of Colonel Jackie Jackson, USMCR, As Told to Laine Boyd, is non-fiction and may be read at any time, as it is unrelated to the mysteries.